This collection of scripts needs to be uploaded to the device to use some commands.

Bluetooth Low Energy

ble_advertising.py: helper module to do bluetooth low energy advertising easier

ble_uart_peripheral.py: helper module for bluetooth low energy UART GATT profile

ble_uart_repl.py: module to enable bluetooth low energy REPL through UART GATT profile

otable.py: module to enable bluetooth low energy DFU mode in esp32 and do OTA firmware updates.


config: (__init__.py, configfuncs.py, params.py) config module to easily configure/set parameters as named tuples. See Config examples


rsa: module to perform asymmetric encryption with RSA algorithms

qrcode.py: module to be used with uqr lib and do pretty prints in terminal.

shasum.py: module to mimic shasum (compute hash SHA256 of file or check shafiles)

upysecrets.py: module to generate random passwords.


buzzertools.py: some utility methods to drive a buzzer (beep, alarm, and hardware interrupts)

dac_signal_gen.py: this lib is to generate signals with the on board DAC (sine and square waves)

test_code.py: a example test code script

time_it.py: a script to measure execution time of other scripts, implemented from, @peterhinch timed_fuction

upylog.py: a modified version of MicroPython logging module, with time format logging and log to file option (default file: ‘error.log’), see upylog

upynotify.py : a module to notify events with beeps (buzzer needed) and blinks. This is useful for “physical debugging”, see upynotify

uptime.py: To set and get how long the device has been running.

cycles.py: To set and get how many times a device has been rebooted.

ursyslogger.py: To enable remote logging to a server using rsyslog (to be used with upylog.py)

aioctl.py: To manage async tasks while event loop is running. (requires aiorepl.py, and aiolog.py). It can add, delete, start, stop, get task status, result, traceback and follow if logging to aiolog.

aiorepl.py: To run an async REPL, source from micropython-lib see aiorepl.

aiolog.py: To async log and see tasks output without interfere with REPL prompt.


irq_controller.py: a module to controll hardware interrupts


dcmotor.py: this lib is to control a dc motor, with a dc motor driver (tested on DRV8871 )

servo.py: a lib to control servos, source: @deshipu

stepper.py: this lib is to control a stepper motor, with a stepper motor driver (tested on A4988 )


mqtt_client.py: a tiny wrapper to add automatic print message callback

ota.py: a module to do OTA firmware updates for esp32

socket_client_server.py: a tiny wrapper to test clients/servers with tcp sockets

ssl_repl.py: a module to enable SSL repl

ssl_socket_client_server.py: a tiny wrapper to test clients/servers with SSL wrapped tcp sockets

sync_tool.py: this script is to get large files from the upy device faster (files > 100 kB)

uping.py: to make the device send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts, (this adds statistics, continuous ping, and esp8266 compatibility) (original uping.py from @shawwwn )

wifiutils.py: to make easier to save/load wifi configuration (STA and AP ) and connect to an access point or enable its own.

wpa_supplicant.py: a module to mimic wpa_supplicant function, (connect to closest AP based on wpa_supplicant.config file)

wss_helper.py: to enable WebSecureREPL (server and client handshakes)

wss_repl.py: tiny wrapper of webrepl.py module to enable WebSecureREPL

nwatchdog.py: network watchdog class to check device is connected to an AP.


SD_AM.py: This script is used with sd_auto command, see sd_auto for more info

sdcard.py: a lib to read/write to an sd card using spi interface, source @peterhinch


ads1115.py: this lib is for the ADC ads1115 module, @robert-hh

bme280.py: This lib is for the ‘weather’ sensor BME280 , source: @robert-hh

ina219.py: this lib is for the INA219 voltage/current/power sensor, source: @chrisb2

lsm9ds1.py: this lib is for the IMU lsm9ds1, source: @hoihu

init_ADS.py: a tiny wrapper to add some methods ( read, stream, log, test…)

init_BME280.py: a tiny wrapper to add some methods ( read, stream, log, test…)

init_INA219.py: a tiny wrapper to add some methods ( read, stream, log, test…)

init_IMU.py: a tiny wrapper to add some methods ( read, stream, log, test…)


upysh2.py: upysh extesion with tree, du, and rm -r commands.

upysh.py: upysh custom version with ls, cat extended with pprint output and matching patterns.

nanoglob.py: glob module to match any pattern in device filesystem.